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this song is perfect for a "quiet friend"... a loved one you can chill with on sundays... on rainy sunday afternoons

this is just a mellow song, it makes me think of autumn for some reason

nirvana... my first love! the first band I ever truly loved, listened to their whole discography (even the obscure b-sides and home demos) on repeat for more than a year... those were the good times < 3 this is one of the first songs that I got to know from them, and I chose to put this live performance here because i love how kurt has angel wings when the camera goes at that certain angle. hope he is okay where he is now.

Joy division is a new favorite of mine! I have been wanting to listen to their stuff forever but finally got around to doing it a couple months ago, and boi am i happy I did! I just absolutely love the kind of feelings their music gives... I kind of can't describe it... have a listen if you haven't already and tell me what you think about them if you'd like :) hope ian is okay where he is now too.